Book Review: I’m Villainess but I’m The Richest: A Hilarious Journey of Unwanted Success

I’m Villainess but I’m The Richest


I’m Villainess but I’m The Richest offers readers a delightful and comedic twist on the romance fantasy genre. The novel follows the life of Ashtelin, an extra character who may not have the best reputation, but she certainly has an abundance of wealth. With a unique blend of humor, unexpected encounters, and mistaken identities, the story takes readers on a lighthearted and entertaining journey.

One of the novel’s strengths lies in its protagonist, Ashtelin, who serves as a refreshing departure from traditional romance novel heroines. Ashtelin embraces her role as a failure and decides to live life on her own terms, spending her wealth freely while maintaining an unfavorable reputation. Her carefree and unconventional attitude adds a comedic element to the story, and readers will find themselves rooting for her as she navigates through a series of unwanted successes.

The supporting cast of characters contributes to the overall enjoyment of the novel. From the swindler mistaken for a good person to the dragon thought to be a cat, each character brings their own quirks and surprises. The interactions between Ashtelin and the other characters are filled with witty banter and hilarious misunderstandings, keeping readers entertained and engaged.

The novel’s humor shines through in the comedic situations that Ashtelin finds herself in. From being recognized as wise for uncovering a swindler in advance to being praised for having a dragon she mistook for a cat, the series of unwanted successes create moments of laughter and amusement. The author skillfully weaves these comedic elements into the narrative, ensuring that readers are constantly entertained.

While the novel successfully delivers a humorous and entertaining story, some readers may find the pacing uneven at times. The transitions between comedic moments and character development could be further refined to create a smoother reading experience. Additionally, the romantic aspects of the story could benefit from deeper exploration and emotional depth to enhance the overall narrative.

In conclusion, I’m Villainess but I’m The Richest offers readers a hilarious and enjoyable journey filled with mistaken identities, unexpected successes, and a unique protagonist. The novel’s blend of humor, lightheartedness, and comedic situations make it a delightful read for fans of romance fantasy and light-hearted fiction. While there may be areas that could benefit from further development, the novel successfully delivers a comedic and entertaining story that will leave readers smiling.

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