“SHE’S THE LUNA I WANT” tells the passionate and forbidden story of Alpha Jace Galhart and Amara, a lioness who challenges his authority and stirs desires he never expected. The collision of their powerful personalities and undeniable attraction sets the stage for a battle of dominance and a struggle against their own desires.

Alpha Jace Galhart is a determined and disciplined leader, committed to fulfilling his role as the Alpha of his pack. He has always believed in following the rules and waiting for his fated mate to appear. However, everything changes when Amara enters his life. With her seductive allure and fierce spirit, she disrupts Jace’s carefully constructed world.

Amara, an Alpha herself, refuses to be subservient or controlled by anyone, including Jace. Their interactions are filled with tension and heated exchanges as they challenge each other’s authority. Despite their initial clashes, the undeniable chemistry between them intensifies, leading Jace to question his beliefs and desires.

As Jace grapples with his growing attraction to Amara, he struggles to maintain his position as the Alpha and uphold his responsibilities to his pack. The lines between power, desire, and forbidden love become blurred, and Jace must confront the consequences of his actions.

The story explores themes of power dynamics, self-discovery, and the complexities of love. Jace and Amara’s journey forces them to question societal expectations, confront their own vulnerabilities, and ultimately choose between duty and their passionate connection.

“SHE’S THE LUNA I WANT” is a tale of forbidden love, passionate encounters, and the conflicts that arise when two strong Alpha personalities collide. It delves into the depths of desire, the complexities of power, and the risks one is willing to take for love.

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